Review: Glassnut: Edinburgh Show Highlights


The Bristol Revunions have taken their two Edinburgh sketch comedy shows, Glass and Walnut, and blended them to form Glassnut: Edinburgh Show Highlights in the SU’s Winston Theatre. 

No automatic alt text available.Right from the opening dance number so punchy that one of the performers literally punched another in the face and knocked him out, it was clear that these four performers (Jack Butler, Eleanor Harris, Ted Milligan and James Trickey) were bursting with energy. None more so than Butler, who bounced around the stage as if he were sponsored by Red Bull. His physical comedy was genuinely impressive and often scene-stealing, especially as the slithering, rubber-legged creature (could be a dinosaur? gremlin? some sort of space lizard?) which passes Prince Charming’s glass slipper test, and the close-up magician who can make not only a sponge ball disappear but also your father and your identity.

Trickey was outstanding as a Dyson hand drier in perhaps one of the best sketches of the night, whilst Milligan’s Gareth Gates impression was so wrong it was right. Harris’ masterfully deadpan expressions made her occasional slight corpse or fumble over words really funny and endearing, perhaps especially in the Revunions’ home turf in the Bristol SU building.

Glassnut shows that the Bristol Revunions are capable of producing cleverly crafted longer sketches, as well as some truly brilliant quickies that cut straight to the punchline on topics such as going on a bear hunt, spilling your grandfather’s ashes and camp fires. The Revs are a comedy force to be reckoned with.


Hannah McLeod

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